David and Sasha hint at upcoming “kerfuffle”

As previously reported, the cast of Grimm attended the Television Critics Association press day yesterday and gave us all an insight into what may lie in store for the rest of the season. David and Sasha also teased that the tension between Nick and Renard would escalate, leading to an “angry kerfuffle”. You can read the rest of what was said over at:

Access Hollywood

We have also added pictures of the panel over on our gallery, which you can find here:

Team Giuntoli Gallery

David shares spoilers for Season of the Hexenbiest

For those of you who love spoilers, NBC have just posted an interview with David, in which he talks about this week’s Grimm episode, “Season of the Hexenbiest“. This interview does have a lot of spoilers in so if you don’t want the episode spoiled for you then please don’t click on the link below!

Interview with David Giuntoli