Countdown to Grimm Season 5

Grimm - Season 5

Our wait is almost over, Grimmsters! The premiere of Grimm’s fifth season is now only a matter of days away and the kind folks over at Spoiler TV have a few sneak peek videos of episode 1, The Grimm Identity, which you can find via the link below.

Spoiler TV’s sneak peeks

So, don’t forget that you can catch the brand new season of Grimm this Friday (30th) at 9/8pmc on NBC. Also, keep an eye out for our updated Season 5 Grimm drinking game, which we will be posting later this week.

Grimm Season 4 spoilers

It’s the final stretch! The fourth season of Grimm is now only a week away! To get us all in the mood for more Grimm, NBC have released a new sneak peek at the first episode via the link below.

Car ride catch-up

We’ve also updated our interview archive to include some new interviews that David took part in this week, which you can find below.

David interviews archive

Sneak peek at season 3’s first episode

Grimm’s third season is only a matter of days away now! To whet our appetites, NBC have released a sneak peek at a scene from the first episode, “The Ungrateful Dead”. Check out the video via the link below and let us know what you think. This video is viewable worldwide.

The Ungrateful Dead sneak peek

Big thanks to Team Hornsby for making this viewable for a global audience.

NBC shares sneaky peaks at tomorrow night’s episode

The wait is almost over! The second half of Season 2 returns in the US and Canada tomorrow night on NBC at 9/8pmC. To build up the excitement, NBC have posted a few sneaky peak videos from the returning episode, “Face Off“. You can view each one by clicking on the links below.

Nick watches Renard and Juliette

Renard and Aunt Marie’s trailer

Monroe hears that Rosalee is returning