New Grimm webisodes

NBC have created three brand new Grimm webisodes to keep us entertained until Season 3’s premier on 25th October. Like last year’s webisodes, Bud is the star of these short videos, with cameos from other cast members. You can view the first webisode below:

Meltdown: Deep Freeze

These webisodes are viewable worldwide.

Grimm Web Series is launched!

NBC have just launched their brand new Grimm Web Series via their website. The first webisode is called “Bad Hair Day” and you can read a brief synopsis of the scenes below:

Bud comes in to the spice shop looking for a hair loss cure for his “friend.”

You can view the webisode via the link below. Please note: these webisodes are only available for viewing within the US.

Bad Hair Day

Sneak Peak at Grimm Web Series

Variety have an exclusive sneak peak at the first webisode of Grimm’s brand new web series. As we’ve previously mentioned, this web series will focus on Monroe and the spice shop and help fans fill the void until Grimm returns to our TV screens on 8th March. You can check out webisode 1 over on Variety’s website. However, this video can only be viewed by US residents, the rest of the World will have to wait and see if the series will be available globally when it is officially launched 18th January.

Variety Sneak Peak Video

NBC to launch Grimm web series

According to Variety, NBC have announced plans to launch a Grimm online web series to fill the Grimm-shaped void during the hiatus. The series will focus mostly on Monroe and the Spice Shop, thought whether there will be any Nick cameos is still unknown at this moment. The series is set to launch on 25th January over at

You can read the rest of Variety’s article about this over at their website.