Happy First Birthday Vivian!

We hope you’ll join us in wishing David and Bitsie’s daughter, Vivian, a very happy first birthday! We don’t know the exact date but we do know it was around this date that her birth was announced. So, happy birthday Vivian!

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Baby book update

As you know, our baby book for David and Bitsie was sent back in early April, however it now appears that the book may have been lost in transit. This is a tough blow for us as this baby book was a labour of love that can’t be replaced. This is the second time that the US postal service has lost our fan books for David and we have now lodged a complaint with them. We are very sorry to everyone that took part in creating the book, but luckily the completed book was photographed before it was sent off to David and Bitsie. So, check out the finished book over on gallery below:


If we do eventually receive word that the book has finally arrived we will let you know.

David and Bitsie’s baby book now sent

This is just a little courtesy note to let you all know that David and Bitsie’s baby book has now started its long journey to Los Angeles. We’d like to thank everyone that submitted a message for the book. Photographs have been taken of the finished book and we will share them with you once we know that David and Bitsie have seen it first.

Baby book project now closed

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We have reached the deadline for our baby book for David and Bitsie and submissions are now closed. We would like to thank all of you who have sent in messages for the book, we appreciate every single one.  Over the coming weeks, the book will be created and sent off to David and Bitsie. As in previous years, we will share pictures of the book once we hear that David and Bitsie have seen it first. Thank you all, once again.

Please noteall messages that have been sent in will be included in the book. If you did not send your message in then this will not be included in the book.

Take part in our baby book for David and Bitsie

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We are hoping to create a baby book for David and Bitsie, containing as many messages from fans around the world as possible to celebrate the birth of Vivian. We’re looking for simple well wishes, artwork or any other creativity that can be physically attached to a scrapbook.

Your message must be in one of the following formats: Word docjpggifpng. If your contribution can’t be e-mailed, then please contact us for an address to send it to.

Your submissions must be no larger than an A5 sized sheet of paper, as we would like to fit more than one message on each page of the book.

We’d like a quick turn around for this book so submissions must be in by 8th March.

To send your message, just attach it to an e-mail or write it within the e-mail itself, with the subject line “David and Bitsie Baby Book Submission“. Our e-mail address is: teamgiuntoli@hotmail.co.uk