Flashback Friday: David talks Grimm pilot

Yes, Friday has arrived once again, which means it’s time for our Flashback Friday feature. This week we take a trip back to 2011 as Grimm is just about to make its debut. Here’s David giving the Associated Press a brief run down of what to expect from the show.


Flashback Friday: Facebook Live

Another week is finally over so now it’s time for our Flashback Friday feature. This week we take a quick jump back to earlier this year when David took some time out to talk to fans on Facebook. If you see this, David, we’d all love another Facebook Live catch up. In the meantime, here’s this week’s video.

Happy Grimmiversary!

How time flies! It was on this very day, 28th October, in 2011 that a brand new NBC show called Grimm first premiered on our screens. Hard to believe it’s been 6 years since we were first introduced to Det. Nick Burkhardt and the world that he would become involved in. We’d like to take this moment to send our thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in the making of Grimm, no matter how big or small your part was. You created something that will always be remembered and loved by Grimmsters everywhere!

To mark this special occasion, why not get out your season 1 box set and re-watch that very first episode again?  We’d also love to hear your memories of watching the pilot for the first time over on our social media profiles.

Happy 6th Grimmiversary everyone!

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Flashback Friday: Turn the Beat Around

Another week has passed us by so now it’s time for our Flashback Friday feature. This week we travel back to 2010 and David’s role as Michael in MTV’s movie, Turn the Beat Around. This movie is available on DVD is some countries so check out your local DVD store or Amazon to find out. Anyway, here’s a brief clip from the movie.

Add a bit of David to your Christmas list

OK, so maybe you can’t add David to your Christmas list but how about something David related instead? We’ve compiled some gift ideas to make sure you have a very Giuntoli Christmas this year.

Grimm Season 6

If you haven’t got it already, why not Grimm’s sixth season to your list? Available on DVD, Blu-ray and also a complete series box set, Grimm season 6 is a must have for all Grimmsters. This season is still only available in a few countries so far, so check your local DVD and Blu-ray retailers for release dates.




NBC Store

NBC still has some great Grimm goodies over on their online store. You can choose from mugs, t-shirts, pint glasses, books, personalised water bottles and other various merchandise.

Head on over to their online store to check it out.




Fancy something a little bit different? Why not check out Redbubble to find some interesting David goodies, like this throw pillow? You can also find t-shirts, art prints, mugs, phone cases, tote bags and other assorted items.

Check out Redbubble online now.




High Street T-Shirts

You’ll find a few text based David related t-shirts over on High Street T-Shirts. Check out their website to see what’s on offer.




Have you come across any David goodies that we’ve missed out? Feel free to share your finds with us and other fans.