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Last Updated: 28th March 2023

Here you’ll find a collection of interviews and articles with David from past and present. Feel free to e-mail us if you find any interviews or articles that we may have missed. Thanks to Sue at Grimm International for the many contributions to this page.

2023 – interview, 27th March (USA) – interview, 27th March (USA)


HypochondriActor – interview (podcast), 3rd November (USA)
Flickering Myth – interview, 9th January (USA)
My State Line – interview, 4th January (USA)
IGN – video interview, 4th January (USA)
CBR – interview, 3rd January (USA)


KATU2 – video interview, 2nd December (USA)
Cinema Blend – article, 20th November (USA) *AMLT Season 3 premiere spoilers*
TV Line – interview, 19th November (USA) *AMLT Season 3 premiere spoilers*
ABC7 – video interview, 30th January (USA)
The List – article, 9th January (USA)


Vulkan Magazine – interview and photo shoot, 22nd November (US).
TV Overmind – article, 11th November (USA).
askmen – interview, 24th September (USA).


Watch With Us! – audio interview, 6th November (USA).
TV Guide – interview, 31st October (USA).
TV Guide – article, 31st October (USA).
Z933 – audio interview, 23rd Octber (USA).
BriefTake – interview, 28th September (USA).
The Oregonian – article, 21st September (USA).
E News – video interview, 7th August (USA).
Breakfast TV – video interview, 5th June (USA).


HashtagME – interview, 22nd September (New Zealand).
Yahoo TV – interview, 25th March (USA). *MAJOR Season 6 finale spoilers*
Rotten Tomatoes – interview, 21st March (USA).
SyFyWire – interview, 17th March (USA).
TV Linearticle, 13th March (USA).
Cinema Blend – article, 13th March (USA).
Yahoo TV – article, 13th March (USA).
TV Guide – article, 13th March (USA).
Deadline – article, 13th March (USA).
TV Guide – article, 27th January (USA). *Season 6 spoilers*
The Gate – interview, 20th January (USA). *Season 6 spoilers*
Access Hollywood – video interview, 20th January (USA). *Season 6 spoilers*
Yahoo – article, 6th January (USA). *Season 6 premiere spoilers*
ScreenSpy – video interview, 5th January (USA). *Season 6 premiere spoilers*


Parent Herald – article, 27th July (USA).
Dread Central – article, 27th July (USA).
Zap2it – video interview, 30th June (USA).
Reddit – Q&A, 29th June (USA).
Forte – interview, 10th June (Australia).
En Stars – article, 7th June (USA). *Season 5 finale spoilers*
TV Insider – interview, 20th May (USA). *Season 5 finale spoilers*
Entertainment Weekly – interview, 20th May (USA). *Season 5 finale spoilers*
Comic Book Resources – interview, 20th May (USA). *Season 5 finale spoilers*
Access Hollywood – video interview, 11th March (USA). *Season 5 spoilers*
Young Hollywood – video interview, 11th March (USA).
LA Times – interview, 11th March (USA).
TV Insider – article, 9th March (USA).
Geek Talk – video interview, 8th March (USA).
AfterBuzz TV – video interview, 5th March (USA).
SAG-AFTRA – video Q&A, 5th March (USA).
The Oregonian – interview, 27th January (USA).
Entertainment Weekly – article, 18th January (USA).


TV Series Finale – article, 9th November (USA). *Season 5 spoilers*
Zap2itinterview, 7th November (USA). *Season 5 spoilers*
TV Insiderinterview, 30th October (USA). *Season 5 premiere spoilers*
TV Lineinterview, 30th October (USA). *Season 5 premiere spoilers*
Blastrinterview, 30th October (USA).
Paradearticle, 30th October (USA).
Yahoo TVinterview, 29th October (USA).
Oregon Liveinterview, 28th October (USA).
International Business Timesarticle, 9th October (India).
Vine Reportarticle, 2nd October (USA).
Lubiie en serieinterview, 2nd October (France). *interview in French*
The Fairy Tale Sitevideo interview, 25th August (USA).
Franchise Heraldarticle, 25th July (USA).
Christian Post article, 16th July (USA).
TV Line video interview, 15th July (USA).
Ecumenical Newsarticle, 15th July (USA).
Access Hollywoodinterview, 13th July (USA).
Inquisitr article, 12th July (USA).
Digital Spyvideo interview, 4th July (UK).
Backstageinterview, 2nd April (USA).
OnEdgeTVarticle, 23rd March (USA). *Season 4 spoilers*
Colliderinterview, 20th March (USA). *Season 4 spoilers*
Spinoff Online interview, 20th March (USA). *Season 4 spoilers*
Entertainment Weekly interview, 18th March (USA). *Season 4 spoilers*


TV Line – interview, 12th December (USA). *MID SEASON FINALE SPOILERS*
TwocentsTV.cominterview, 24th October (USA).
Tulsa Worldarticle, 24th October (USA).
TV Equalsarticle, 24th October (USA).
Starpulsearticle, 23rd October (USA).
TV Lineinterview, 22nd October (USA).
The Pointaudio interview, 21st October (USA).
Yahoo UKinterview, 20th October (UK).
ThreeIfBySpaceinterview, 19th October (USA).
Serietivuinterview, 18th October (Italy). *interview in Italian*
Cinefilosinterview, 18th October (Italy). *interview in Italian*
Starry Constellation Magazineinterview, 18th October (USA).
Examiner.cominterview, 17th October (USA).
Screen Spyinterview, 17th October (USA).
Spoiler TVinterview, 17th October (USA).
OhSoGrayinterview, 17th October (USA).
Digital Journalinterview, 17th September (USA).
Hallels article, 8th September (USA).
Kpopstarzarticle/video interview, 4th September (USA).
The Fairy Tale Sitevideo interview, 20th August (USA).
ThreeIfBySpacevideo interview, 29th July (USA).
Yahoo TV video interview, 27th July (USA).
NBC San Diegoarticle/video clip, 27th July (USA).
Entertainment Weeklyvideo interview, 26th July (USA).
Entertainment Weeklyarticle, 26th July (USA).
Glamourinterview, 15th July (USA).
Talking With Hollywoodaudio interview, 3rd July (USA).
Zap2it interview, 16th May (USA).
S9 Blog article, 20th April (USA).
Live Wire Radio  audio interview, 29th March (USA).
Buzzy Mag interview, 3rd January (USA).


SerieTivu – article, 19th December (Italy). *article in Italian*
SciFi and TV Talk – interview, 18th December (USA).
Enstarz – article, 18th December (USA).
Buddy TV – interview, 17th December (USA).
Niagara Frontier Publications – article, 12th December (USA).
Toronto Sun – interview, 12th December (Canada).
TV Guide – interview, 12th December (USA).
TV Line – interview, 12th December (USA).
TV equals – article, 12th December (USA).
CTV – article, 12th December (Canada).
Star Pulse – interview, 11th December (USA).
Starry Constellation Magazine – interview, 10th December (USA).
Three If By Space – interview, 10th December (USA). – article, 10th December (USA).
Screenspy – interview, 10th December (USA). – article, 10th December (USA).
The Slanted – video interview, 10th December (USA).
Zap2it – article, 9th December (USA).
TVLine – interview, 8th November (USA).
Albion Inn Blog – blog post, 3rd November (USA).
Viviano – article, 3rd November (Germany).*article in German* – video interview, 1st November (USA).
Yahoo – article, 1st November (USA). *Season 3 spoilers* – audio interview clip, 1st November (USA).
Register-Mail – article, 1st November (USA).
Chicago Tribune – video interview, 30th October (USA).
Zap2it – article, 28th October (USA). – video interview, 25th October (USA).
Wall Street Journal – interview, 25th October (USA).
Hawaii News Now – video interview, 25th October (USA).
WDTN – video interview, 25th October (USA).
THRS – video interview, 25th October (USA).
ET Online – interview, 25th October (USA).
Blastr – interview, 25th October (USA). – video interview, 23rd October (USA).
Press & Guide – interview, 22nd October (USA).
The Oregonian – article, 17th October (USA).
Serietivu – interview, 29th September (Italy). *interview in Italian*
TV Guide Magazine – interview, 27th September (USA).
The Oregonian – article, 11th September (USA).
El Universal – article, 9th September (Mexico). *article in Spanish*
Toutelatele – interview, 3rd September (France). *interview in French*
The Oregonian – article, 27th August (USA).
TheTVaddict – video interview, 27th August (USA).
Fear Net – video interview, 27th August (USA).
Comic Book Resources – article, 3rd August (USA).
Daily Star  – article, 31st July (UK).
Dread Central – article, 29th July (USA).
Weser Kurier – article, 26th July (Germany). *article in German*
Gather – video interview, 26th July (USA).
Comic Book Resources – article, 26th July (USA).
TV Equals – video interview, 26th July (USA).
Digital Spy – article, 26th July (UK).
Slice of SciFi – article, 26th July (USA).
Antipodal Arapaima – video interview, 25th July (USA).
TV Line – video interview, 24th July (USA).
Digital Spy – article, 24th July (UK).
Dread Central – video q&a, 23rd July (USA).
Yahoo – article, 23rd July (USA).
itasablog – article, 22nd July (Italy). *article in Italian* – article, 22nd July (Germany). *article in German*
02elf Dusseldorf Gazette – article, 22nd July (Germany). *article in German*
Enstarz – article, 22nd July (USA).
LA Times – article, 21st July (USA).
Buddy TV – article, 20th July (USA).
Cinema Blend – article, 20th July (USA).
Zap2it – article, 20th July (USA).
NBC7 San Diego – article, 20th July (USA).
Entertainment Weekly – article, 20th July (USA). – article, 20th July (USA).
NBC7 San Diego – video interview, 19th July (USA).
Entertainment Weekly – article, 19th July (USA).
geeksugar – article, 18th July (USA).
TV Guide – article, 11th July (USA).
Buzzfeed – article, 10th July (USA).
About Face – interview, 29th May (USA).
Zap2it interview, 22nd May (USA). *FINALE SPOILERS*
TV Guide – interview, 21st May (USA). *FINALE SPOILERS*
E!Online – video interview, 21st May (USA).
TV Line – interview, 21st May (USA). * FINALE SPOILERS*
Hollywood Life – article, 21st May (USA).
The Point – audio interview, 3rd May (USA).
The Oklahoman – article, 3rd May (USA).
Oregon Livearticle, 3rd May (USA).
Serienjunkies.deinterview, 2nd May (Germany). *interview in German* article, 2nd May (USA).
Antipodal Arapaimavideo interview (pt 2), 2nd May (USA).
Antipodal Arapaimavideo interview (pt 1), 2nd May (USA).
Examiner.cominterview, 1st May (USA).
US Town Hall – interview, 30th April (USA). interview, 30th April (USA).
Niagara Frontier Publications article, 30th April (USA).
threeifbyspace  interview, 30th April (USA).
9news.comvideo interview, 30th April (USA).
Hypablearticle, 30th April (USA).
Examiner.comarticle, 30th April (USA).
Dread Centralinterview, 30th April (USA).
Zap2it article, 29th April (USA).
Oregon Livearticle, 29th April (USA).
Entertainment Weeklyarticle, 29th April (USA).
Premierevideo interview, 9th April (France).
Le Figarointerview, 9th April (France). *interview in French*
About Face Magazinearticle, 8th April (USA). – video interview, 6th April (USA).
International Business Times article, 16th March (Australia).
Yahoo interview, 9th March (USA).
Entertainment Weekly video interview, 8th March (USA).
LA Times interview, 8th March (USA).
Just Jaredinterview, 8th March (USA).
BELLO Blog interview, 8th March (USA).
St Louis Post-Dispatch article, 8th March (USA).  interview, 18th February (Germany). *interview in German*
Geek Exchange interview, 17th January (USA). article, 6th January (USA).
Access Hollywood  article, 6th January (USA).

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