Callista’s Rose City Comic Con report

We’d like to thank Callista from the GateWorld Forum for allowing us to share her Rose City Comic Con report on the site. Check out what she had to say about David’s panel at the link below.

Callista’s Report

If you have a Con report or pictures that you’d like to share with us then please feel free to e-mail us at:

Rose City Comic Con report

As you all already know, David is currently appearing at Rose City Comic Con in Portland as we speak and we have been lucky enough to receive a report from the first day of the Con. Lucky Grimm fan, Betsie, kindly sent us this report, which you can read at the link below. You can also follow Betsie on twitter for to read all her latest Con tweets.

Betsie’s Rose City Comic Con report

David’s Rose City Comic Con Schedule


For those of you attending Rose City Comic Con this weekend, the Con organisers have published David’s schedule for the weekend for you all to check out. You can find this over at their website but we have also decided to copy it down in this post as an extra reminder. David’s appearance schedule is as follows:

Saturday 21st September

10am: Signing session
1pm: Photo-Op session
2.15pm: Signing session
4pm: Panel
5.30pm: Signing session

Sunday 22nd September

10am: Signing session
1pm: Signing session
4pm: Photo-Op session

We hope that those of you attending the convention will have a wonderful time. Don’t forget that we’d love to hear your stories and see your pictures if you’d like to share them with us. Please feel free to send your reports to:

Will you be attending Rose City Comic Con?

As you already know, David will be appearing at Rose City Comic Con later this month. The convention will be held on 21st to 22nd September at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. The prices for autographs and photographs are as follows:

Autographs: $40
Photograph: $40

We have recently heard that some of you are not happy that David is charging for a photograph. First of all, these charges are set by convention organisers and not the actors attending. Charges for autographs and photographs are normal at conventions and the prices above are pretty much the norm at conventions. The photograph that they are charging for is a posed for picture of you with the guest against a backdrop, not one that you take yourself. Convention organisers usually set a higher price on guests that they think will be popular, so these prices are no real surprise. So, if this still hasn’t put you off attending, head on over to their website and buy your tickets now!

If you are attending, we’d love to hear of your experiences! We currently do not have a convention reporter for this Con but if you would like to send us a report with any pictures you’d like to share, then please feel free to email us at: