NBC release new Grimm trailer

NBC have released a new trailer for the upcoming episode 13, “The Face Off“. Only 28 days left to go until Grimm is back! Click the link below for the explosive trailer.

The Face Off Trailer

Thanks to Sue Dingo on Twitter for the heads up and Grimm BR on YouTube for hosting the trailer for those of us outside of the US.


Sneak Peak at Grimm Web Series

Variety have an exclusive sneak peak at the first webisode of Grimm’s brand new web series. As we’ve previously mentioned, this web series will focus on Monroe and the spice shop and help fans fill the void until Grimm returns to our TV screens on 8th March. You can check out webisode 1 over on Variety’s website. However, this video can only be viewed by US residents, the rest of the World will have to wait and see if the series will be available globally when it is officially launched 18th January.

Variety Sneak Peak Video