Return of the Grimm hiatus survival guide

Now that Season 2 is over, we’ve got a long wait until autumn/fall and the premiere of Season 3! So, we’ve decided to resurrect our handy Grimm hiatus survival activity guide to help you make it through the long, Grimm-less months.

1. Get yourself a copy of Season 1 on DVD and re-watch an episode each week.

2. Then re-watch Season 2 on NBC‘s website but only 1 a week. Altogether, that should, roughly, take you right up to the beginning of autumn/fall.

3. If you’re creative, you could create a fanvid or fanart each week for a different cast member or character pairing. Don’t forget to share your creativity with us!

4. Head on over to our friends at Grimm PDX and check out and comment on their weekly podcasts.

5. Join our forum and chat with other fans to pass the time. French speaking fans can check out Grimm France’s forum, which is very active and friendly, and also German fans can check out German Grimmster Base.

6. Put on your Season 1 DVDs (and Season 2 DVDs once they are on sale), call your friends around and have a Grimm viewing party! You could decorate your living room to look like the forests of Portland or the inside of Aunt Marie’s trailer. If you’re crazy enough, you could even dress as your favourite Grimm character or Wesen! To add even more fun to your night, you could also play our Grimm drinking game while you watch each episode! The rules are as follows:

Drink once when
Nick pulls out his gun
A Wesen woges
Somebody speaks German
A Wesen is named
Nick asks for help from Monroe
Monroe plays the cello (contributed by Kemida)
a ghostly Nick is spotted

Drink twice when
you see Aunt Marie’s trailer
a weapon from the trailer is used to fight a wesen
Sgt Wu appears in a scene
Renard and Adalind meet up
there’s a flashback scene
Monroe decorates his house for a holiday (contributed by Kemida)
you see Hank on his crutches

Drink three times when
Hank calls Adalind
Renard speaks a foreign language
Nick mentions his parents
The reapers show up
somebody orders something at the spice shop
Monroe mentions missing pilates (contributed by Kemida)
Bud brings Nick food (contributed by Kemida)
the key is shown on screen

Finish your drink when
Nick tells somebody he’s a Grimm
Renard has a “shirtless rage” moment

Team Giuntoli will not be held responsible for any alcohol-induced comas resulting from participation in this game! (ha) If you’re not old enough to drink, just substitute alcohol for soft drinks. We know it won’t have the same kind of buzz and probably make you all gassy, but we’re sure you’ll still find it fun!

This is our guide so far. Do you have any ideas that we haven’t thought of? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.