Catch Buddymoon on Amazon Prime!

Hey Buddymoon fans, did you know that you can now watch the movie on Amazon PrimeBuddymoon is now available in most countries so check out Amazon in your home country to see if it has been added. Feel free to let us know which countries can view it in the comments below.


Fancy a Christmas meet up with other fans?

With Christmas coming up soon, how would you all feel about creating small fan get togethers to celebrate? It’d be a great way to meet new David friends in your area whilst getting in to the holiday spirit. I will personally be hosting a small get together for fans in Liverpool (England) and surrounding areas……or further afield if willing to travel.

If you want to set up a fan meeting in your area, please contact our Facebook page so that I can create event pages for them. Please remember that these are just casual meet ups in public places, no money should be exchanged to attend them.

What do you all think? Please head over to the Facebook page to let us know.

Team Giuntoli Admin

Flashback Friday: Facebook Live

Another week is finally over so now it’s time for our Flashback Friday feature. This week we take a quick jump back to earlier this year when David took some time out to talk to fans on Facebook. If you see this, David, we’d all love another Facebook Live catch up. In the meantime, here’s this week’s video.