Medieval Fantasy Convention, Germany – 26th to 27th August 2017 by Patrizia

I’m proud to say that last Saturday I’ve finally met my idol! I’ve been a fan of David for years and I knew he would have been a very nice person, but I must say that he is much more than you can ever imagine, and so is his wife Bitsie. But let’s start from the beginning…

I waited for my friend to join me at the Convention for like an hour so in the meantime I visited the castle. The Convention was set in a very lovely place.

There were a lot of very good cosplayers at the convention.  Also, there were beautiful crows, hawks and owls.

Then I went to the autograph room and all the actors were already arrived and they were signing behind the table.

And that’s when I saw them… David and his lovely wife sitting next to him. I know this sounds impossible, but David in real life is even more beautiful than on the screen. I took a few pictures of them.

My online friend Birthe texted me when she was at the entrance. I went to meet her and her friend Sonia who came with her at the Convention. I’m very proud to say that Birthe is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’m so glad I had the chance to know her on Twitter.

We all went upstairs at the autograph room and we got in line to get ours. We were both so excited and nervous. I made a present for David and Bitsie, I like to cross stitching in my free time so I decided to make a French-bulldog embroidery cause as you know they have a lovely Frenchie named Henry.

It was Birthe’s turn to get her David’s autograph. He was so nice and he started talking to her telling that her English was very good. Then it was my turn and I’m proud to say it was a very long meeting!

*(A huge thanks to Birthe who filmed my meeting with David and Bitsie, so that I can report here all the conversation.)*

David thought I was German so he asked me something about the German language. I told him I didn’t know it since I’m from Italy. He was so surprised to hear that. I told him I was probably the only Italian at the convention so he told me “No, there is another one. Me.” He asked me where I was from and I told him I live in Florence. He said he’s been there and that his father is from a little town near Florence, so I told him “I know. Montecatini.”

He asked what my last name is, and I must say he pronounced it perfectly! Then he asked me how we pronounce his last name in Italy. I gave him my Henry embroidery and he looked so surprised and enthusiast. He immediately showed him to Bitsie and her reaction was pretty the same. They were speechless and I was trembling.


Then my friend Birthe told David I am the one who runs the page davidgiuntoli_italy and he was very happy to hear that so he got up and hugged me! My face was probably red so I told him I’m a very shy person especially when I meet my idols. He asked me if I had other pages and I said no, that his page on IG and Twitter is the only one I run. He said “That’s incredible” then I told him my page was initially called grimm_italy before I changed the name in davidgiuntoli_italy and he said “That’s right, I remember that.” O_O

Then I went to Bitsie. She indicated my Henry present which was on the table in the middle of them, and the first thing she told me was “This is so awesome, thank you so much! As you know I’m obsessed with my dog.” So David told me “If I die and come back as anything, I want to be her dog. He’s treated like gold. She’s such a good mom.” So I joked “She prefers her dog to you?” they laughed and he said “Yes. Yes.” Bitsie told me “David totally gets jealous sometimes” and he said “Sometimes she’s talking to him very sweetly in the other room, and I think she’s talking to me” LOL

I told Bitsie “I have a husband and a dog too, so I can understand” 😀 She asked me “So you run davidgiuntoli_italy? That’s so sweet!” Then she indicated my Henry present and said “That’s so sweet of you, thank you so much!” I joked and said “I hope you’ll put it in your house” and she answered “I’ll put it in his Instagram too!” and then she said “See you at the panel Patty!”. Wow… what a lovely woman.

After a few hours there was the Grimm panel. They were asked about what they do in their free time and their hobbies, their favorite tv show, if David still plays guitar, their current projects, their favorite Grimm scene. And then there was the sweetest moment of the entire panel. A 12 years old fan was so moved so David and Bitsie went to hug her through the crowd. She wanted to ask David what his favorite color is. He turned the question to Bitsie “What is your favorite color?” and her answer was “You should know that.” 😀 David answered that his favorite colour is navy blue.

And then the moment of the Photoshoot arrived. When it was my turn for my photo with Bitsie, she told me “Have you seen I’ve published your Henry present in his Instagram profile?” then she thanked me again. She is so sweet. I hugged her so hard and it was like she’s been a friend of mine since forever.

Then we had to get in line again for our pics with David. He recognized me so he hugged me very hard and we did the photo. He said “She’s a big fan!” then he asked me how long I would have stayed at the Convention. I said I would be leaving tomorrow and he felt sorry to hear that. I told him it was a huge pleasure to meet him.

I had the luck to take another photo with him cause my sweet friend Birthe wanted her picture not only with David but with me together, so the three of us took another picture. Thanks Birthe for being so kind and nice.

After a few hours, me and my friend went back to the photoshoot room to get another photo they forgot to print and David was sitting there, he saw me and he smiled at me. What a lovely man he is… I’m so proud to be his fan and to run a page dedicated to him. I wish him and Bitsie all the best for their future.

Then we left the Convention. We were tired but happy. Happy cause everything was just so perfect. A very good organization in a lovely place, the German people are very kind and funny, my friend Birthe is much more than I could imagine (thanks Twitter for getting me the chance to know her), and my idols, David and Bitsie, were just phenomenal. Not enough words could describe how lovely and kind they are. I hope I will have other occasions to meet them again but for now, I’ll keep this remarkable day in my mind forever.

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Thank you, Patrizia, for sharing your fantastic report and pictures with us.