Happy New Year!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2015 brings you all fantastic new opportunities and is filled with peace and love.

Thank you for continuing to visit and support the site throughout the year and for the lovely e-mails and messages that I have received from you all. I really do enjoy hearing that you like the site. As I write this, the site has now had 123,236 visitors, which is 80,836 more since last New Year’s Eve. I am truly thrilled and humbled by the site’s continuing popularity.

2014 has been quite a quiet year for David news so it hasn’t been easy finding items to share with you. However, the site celebrated its second birthday back in August and Grimm continued to go from strength to strength. The site’s gallery was sadly lost this year, along with thousands of screen caps from David’s current and past work. A temporary gallery was put up in its place, although many screencaps were still missing. This new gallery is still a work in progress which wil continue to grow in 2015. We also continued our birthday book for David earlier this year, which he enjoyed receiving and reading through. We will be creating another book in 2015 so keep an eye out for more details in early 2015.

Now back to the thank yous. I’d like to send a special thank you to Hyndara, for all the work she has done this year. Hyndara stepped down as gallery co-admin this year but I would still like to thank her for the time and effort she put in to the gallery before its loss. I am currently still without a gallery co-admin and screen capper so if anybody is interested in taking this position then please e-mail me at teamgiuntoli@hotmail.co.uk.

Huge thank yous to Sue Dingo and Alex for all the moral and site promo support. I’m very lucky to have found such amazing friends. Also, you’re an excellent news hound, Sue, thanks for all the time you take to find it.

I’d also like to thank the following Grimm fan sites on Twitter for your contiuned support throughout the year, I hope our partnerships continue in 2015:

Grimm International

Grimm Fan

Vietnam Grimm

Grimm Brasil Oficial

Grimm UK

Grimm Profiler

Grimm Spain

Grimm Germany

Damien Puckler Unofficial

Team Renard

Team Sgt Wu

Team Hank

Team Bree Turner

Team Silas Weir

Team Trubel

Team Norberto Barba

Team Adalind

David Giuntoli Spain

My final thank you goes to David and the entire cast and crew of Grimm for giving us another year of an amazing show. I really hope that we’ll get Season 5 in 2015.

So, 2015 will have some great things in store for us all. The remaining episodes of Grimm Season 4 will be shown (in the US and Canada) from Friday 16th January. You’ll also have the chance to meet David at the following convention:

31st May 2015Alternation Convention, Chicago,IL.

I hope you all have a happy and safe night tonight and that you are with the ones you love as we welcome in the new year.

Happy New Year!

Helen Berrington

Team Giuntoli Webmistress

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