Happy New Year!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2013 brings you all lots of love, luck and fun!

I’d also like to thank you all for visiting the site and sharing it with other David fans. It was a mere 4 months ago that I first launched the site and, as I am writing this post, there have been 4269 visitors so far. I am truly humbled by and grateful to everybody who has contributed to its growing popularity. I will continue to bring you all the latest David news throughout 2013 and for as long as David continues his career.

Whilst I’m thanking people, huge thank yous to Bobby Donahue for contributing the layout and hosting space for the gallery and also to the lovely Hyndara for helping to maintain it and promote the site. Thank you to Cindi Rose at Examiner.com for promoting the Grimm hiatus survival guide. Thank you, also, to the following Grimm fansites that have helped to promote the site, long may our collaboration continue:

Grimm France Forum
David Giuntoli Fans Blog
Grimm Site BR

Finally, a big thank you to the cast and crew members of Grimm for helping to promote the site on Twitter, I’m so very grateful to you all:

Reggie Lee
Sasha Roiz
Bree Turner
Todd Milliner
Akela Cooper
Richard Hatem
…..and, of course, the lovely David, himself!

So, 2013 will have some great things in store for us all. The remaining episodes of Grimm Season 2 will be shown (in the US and Canada) from the 8th March onwards. You’ll also have the chance to meet David at the following conventions:

17th FebruaryStar Trek and Sci-Fi Summit XVIII, Los Angeles, USA
10th to 12th MayHappily Ever After Convention, Birmingham, UK

Have a safe night, tonight. Hope you’re all with the people you love when you hear those bells chime!

Helen Berrington
Team Giuntoli Webmistress

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