Vanda Bourandas



Oz Comic Con – 11th to 12nd June 2016 by Vanda Bourandas


Vanda with David.

On Saturday during autographs David asked me how I discovered the show? I told him about my first trip to Vancouver from Melbourne & how I was travelling alone on a very loooong flight. I was looking at the flight’s entertainment guide to see what  movies & TV shows were on offer & saw the description of Grimm. Told him I watched the first episode & I was hooked, and that I proceeded to watch the entire first series that flight! He was blown away by that, & stood up to give me a hug! He said it’s the little stories like these that make his day. David said sometimes he becomes so involved in his work on the show at remote locations & on set, that he forgets that there are millions out there who watch it.  So sweet & humble.

David also loved my my costume, (Game of Thrones -Cersei Lannister) said it was fantastic & that I looked “gorgeous”!  That made my day! He also noticed I was a bit flushed in the face & advised me to go get something to drink & to remember to stay hydrated because it was quite warm in there. So sweet of him.

Luckily enough on Sunday I was able to leave home a bit earlier than originally anticipated so I got to see my one one & only panel. It was David Giuntoli’s panel.

David didn’t get up to the antics of John Barrowman but he was very engaging with the fans, funny, and at times very honest. He was fun to listen to and was really appreciative of the support for his work by the fans. He really loved coming to Melbourne Australia as he’d never been here before, and told us he’d like to come back again & bring some of his fellow cast members too, if the opportunity presented itself. Very refreshing & delightful to listen too.

He mentioned how he is the spitting image of his great grandfather, and that if it were possible would love to go back in time to meet him & just hangout with him. 

During my photo op, David remembered me from the day before & even recognised me without my costume. He said I looked lovely no matter what I was wearing. Such a sweet loveable fellow. Hope to see him again one day.

Thank you, Vanda, for sharing your report with us.