Michael Bassett


Texas Comic Con – 20th to 22nd June 2014 by Michael Bassett

Friday – Day 1

Bitsie & David arrived from airport about 6:30 PM to a line of applauding Grimmsters. They took care of the photo ops for David, then the photo ops for Bitsie. I got to chat with both while getting my pictures and shortly thereafter while getting autographs. They are so nice! I did wish David a Happy Birthday and pointed out to Bitsie that she was the youngest of the regular cast members. They each charged $40 cash per signature and had four different 8×10 images at their tables, so $40 for one of these photos signed/personalized and/or $40 for an autograph on each item you brought (we were told there was a limit of two items per person on items you brought). 

Saturday – Day 2

Bitsie and David continued giving photo ops and signatures. They did a one hour Q&A to hundreds of Grimmsters. David mentioned he contacted Bitsie after his audition as Nick and told her she should audition as Juliette.Fortunately for us, she did. David was asked if Trubel was going to be his sister…No. Now that Nick has lost his Grimm powers, will Trubel be around longer. David cleverly equated this to Trubel being his “seeing eye Grimm,” but did not have insight into Season 4. They mentioned that the actor playing Trubel was an acting student at a university and had no previous acting experience. One of the producers visiting his daughter’s college decided to audition acting students there since they had not found anyone in Los Angeles. Other comments from Bitsie: she thinks it would be an interesting storyline for Juliette to get knocked up by Nick. She had to practice Adalind’s mannerisms (the way Claire walks, tilts her head, etc.) before playing the hexenbiest impersonating her. Both Bitsie and David complimented their fellow Grimm cast members multiple times. Kudos to Reggie Lee for being a diligent, hard working actor, studying his lines and turning everything Sgt.Wu does into a great performance.

Sunday – Day 3

Another long day for Bitsie and David of photo opps and signing autographs. Less attendees on Sunday at the convention so I did see one rare moment when no one was in front of their autograph table. I am not sure when they left but all the Grimm fans definitely appreciated being able to see them in Texas. One other item from Day 2…Grimm fans started entering the Grimm Q&A room early for the scheduled 1 pm start, some even being told by convention staff there was no Grimm line so just go on in. There were at least 150 people in the room waiting and moving up after the previous speaker left. I considered these to be the diehard Grimm fans. Then after 1 pm, the convention staff came in and announced the room had to be cleared and everyone had to get in the new line that had formed outside. A scene from the Grimm episode from Season 3 came to mind where the two Wesen tear apart the unfortunate park ranger. Anyway, we all walked out through the large Saturday crowd past a very long line of other Grimm fans and quite a few of us were thinking the room would be full before we made it back in. I think there was one empty row left after we all sat back down. No need to visit the armory closet in the Grimm trailer after all…As mentioned before by me and by other Grimmsters, both Bitsie and David were incredibly fun and nice. A pity we could not take them home with us…but we will let them go to help create many more Grimm episodes!

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your report with us.