Linda Burnett


David Giuntoli at the Grand Slam Convention in Burbank

15th to 17th February 2013

By Linda Burnett


Linda with David, 17.2.2013

When the Grand Slam convention came on sale about six months ago, the first actor they booked for the multi-genre show was David Giuntoli. I knew I had to go.

I was able to see David four times: first at the meet-and-greet, then on stage, at the photo op with him, then on stage (he was the last person on stage at the convention on Sunday).

 The Meet-and-Greet is highly recommended. The format by Creation is that 10 fans sit in a conference room at a table, talking to the star. Then the last 10 minutes are spent in group photos with the fans’ cameras. It was a total blast, as you can imagine. While the photo shoot was fun, too, you only have about 30 seconds with the star, and then it’s over, but at least you have a photo to take home. The autographing session happens at the end of the day when they’re all tired and in a rush to get through, so, again, you get about 30 seconds. The only problem with the Meet-and-Greet, besides being expensive, is that no photos are allowed, only that one group shot on your camera at the end. Still, it was a delight, and I was amazed at how in tune people are with the show. What intelligent questions they asked!

 Most of my information is from the Meet-and-Greet, as much of the material was repeated during his stage program.

One thing I learned quickly about David: he’s about 6’. I thought he was much shorter from seeing him in Grimm, but after meeting him, I realized that his co-stars must be over 6’ because they’re taller. He is as charming as you think Nick Burkhardt would be, and much more curious.

He loves Portland, but also has a house in L.A. He and Bitsie were friends before Grimm, as they did a movie together.  In fact, after he auditioned, he told Bitsie about the project.

When I asked if he gets recognized on the street, he said he gets recognized a lot in Portland. “We’re BIG in Portland,” probably because it’s filmed there. A higher percentage of Portlanders watch the show because of that. He’s recognized in L.A., too, but “it’s different;” they’re used to actors walking around, and they’re rather nonchalant about it.

He told us that Silas is just like his character, Monroe, in many ways. He’s curious about everything. Silas, though, “ramps it up for the humor.”

David reported that Russell tore his Achilles tendon by doing a dance at home while watching the Super Bowl. “He’s fine,” he said, and is recovering from his operation to mend the tendon.  

David praised all of his coworkers. He said that, during breaks from filming, he and Russell sit in their “squad car” and Russell tells him how rare it is to be on a hit series. He warns David not to get a swelled head.  

The writers make use of all the talents of their actors.  For instance, several of them speak different languages, and they’ve been able to incorporate those skills into stories.  Bitsie was born in Uruguay and is fluent in Spanish. Sasha speaks several languages, having been born in Israel and raised in Canada.

David admitted to us that he was a little too intense during the first season. He couldn’t turn it off when he went home and didn’t sleep well.  He is much more relaxed in the second season.  He told us he is a bit envious of some of his coworkers.  He’s in almost every scene on the show, while they get time off. Sasha, for instance, went to France for a week-and-a-half, and called him on his cell to tell him all about the trip.  About the German terms, Hexenbeist, etc. They give Silas notes on how to properly pronounce the words, which are all made up. And then they give David an Americanized pronunciation of the German word.

He urged all of us to watch the next episode, which airs on March 8th, “because everything happens.” And – spoiler alert here – he and the Captain are involved in a fight. “Things are going to get physical.” Because of that, a stunt man on the show has been working with David, showing him how to throw a punch. The studio wants him to beef up.  And he is trying to learn how to use one of the weapons in the trailer – a Morningstar (a double mace). He laughed when he told us about all the marvellous weapons available, but “all Nick wants to use is the baseball bat.”

One funny story David told on stage. Silas is constantly teasing David about all the young fans he has.  It seems that most of the mail he gets is from young girls 12 and under.  So, one day David returned to his trailer only to find One Direction posters plastered all over it. You can just tell they have a lot of fun.


9 lucky meet and greeters with David, 17.2.2013

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