Interview Archive – page 2

Here you’ll find a collection of interviews and articles with David from 2003 to 2012. Feel free to e-mail us if you find any interviews or articles that we may have missed. Thanks to Sue at Grimm International for the many contributions to this page.

2012 – interview, 4th December (USA).
Entertainment Weekly – interview, 16th November (USA).
Entertainment Weekly – article, 16th November (USA).
TV Guide – article, 15th November (USA). – article, 20th August (USA). – audio interview, 17th August (USA).
USA Today – video promo, 15th August (USA). – article, 15th August (USA).
Kevin & Bean Podcast – audio interview, 13th August (USA). *David’s interview at 27:30
MCM Buzz – article, 1st July (UK). – article, 1st July (USA). – article, 23rd May (USA). – interview, 18th May (USA).
Entertainment Weekly – interview, 18th May (USA).
Craveonline – interview, 11th May (USA). – article, 26th April (USA).
Access Hollywood – article, 26th April (USA).
Attention Deficit Delirium – interview, 12th March (USA).
Lena Lamoray – interview, 29th February (USA).
Mr. Media – audio interview, 22nd February (USA).
LATF Magazine – interview, January (USA).


MTV Guy Code – interview, 19th December (USA).
TV Guidearticle, 15th December (USA). interview, 8th December (USA).
Broadway World – video interview, 2nd December (USA).
Fangs for the fantasy – article, 29th November (USA).
Alive Maginterview, 28th November (USA).
Complex.cominterview, 18th November, (USA).
The Morton Reportinterview, 18th November (USA). – interview, 11th November (USA).
TheTVaddict.cominterview, 11th November (USA).
The Good, The Bad and The Geeky – article, 10th November (USA).
Pazsaz – interview, 10th November (USA).
Redeyearticle, 10th November (USA).
Collider.cominterview, 8th November (USA).
ONTD – interview, 4th November (USA).
USA Today – video promo, 3rd November (USA).
Prep News – article, 3rd November (USA).
Huffington Postinterview, 3rd November (USA).
Sioux City Journal – article, 28th October (USA). – interview, 28th October (USA).
Access Hollywoodarticle, 28th October (USA).
Stltoday.comarticle, 28th October (USA).
Media Mikes – interview, 27th October (USA).
Cinema Blend article, 27th October (USA).
MNN – article, 26th October (USA).
MTV Remote Controlarticle, 25th October (USA).
BuddyTVinterview, 24th October (USA).
Screen Spy – interview, 21st October (USA).
Reading Eagle – interview, 20th October (USA).
E!Onlinearticle, 14th October (USA).
Craveonlineinterview, 10th October (USA).
MSNarticle, 19th September (Canada).
TV Fiends – article, 18th August (USA).
Riverfront Times – article, 14th May (USA).
GreginHollywood.comarticle, 22nd February (USA).
Deadline – article, 17th February (USA).


Starry Constellation Magazine – interview, 23rd March (USA).


Entertainment Weekly – article, 24th September (USA).
Reality Blurred – article, 9th May (USA).


Riverfront Times – article, 28th May (USA).