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Oz Comic Con – 11th to 12nd June 2016 by Dingo Sue

4628624865_279x220I’ve been a Grimm fan since day one. I remember seeing the season one premiere promo and thinking, WOW what a great concept, sounds like an amazing show! I was hooked right away.

Somehow along the way, my love and support for Grimm threw me into the admin position of Grimm International. Over the years I have been privileged to read hundreds of interviews, articles, hear about fan encounters and speak with lots of people that have had interactions with the cast .

One thing that always comes forth is the high regard and love there is for David Giuntoli. He is “a genuinely nice guy”, according to EVERYONE!

If you follow him on Twitter, you will soon discover that he is also an adorkable oddball, with his refusal to change the Santa hat avatar and posting weird egg tweets.

When you meet David Giuntoli, it all becomes apparent why these fortunate folk sing his praises. Yes, he is incredibly handsome….yes, he is funny and super friendly – but there is something that he has that very few human beings possess; that rare natural ability to connect with anyone.

It’s easy to forget that this guy is a celebrity…a Hollywood actor, because there is nothing pretentious or self involved about him. He is warm and welcoming to fans, asking questions and taking a genuine interest in their replies. He is incredibly easy to chat with, and you find yourself sharing things you probably never thought you would. If he asked you for your passwords and pin numbers, you would happily hand them over.

Attending two different Comic Cons within a week of each other, would be a big ask of anyone, let alone someone who had just travelled 8,000 miles, has jet lag and is so far from their own comfy bed. Hours of meet and greets, dinners, panels, signings and photo ops would be exhausting, yet David does it all with his smile intact, enthusiastic handshake, warm hugs and completely being in the moment with each and every person he meets.

The lines at Oz Comic Con to see David were quite long and fans were queued up early to ensure they didn’t miss the opportunity to meet him. Sunday was abuzz with delighted fans who had seen him the previous day and were back for more.

The staff at Oz Comic Con commented that he was really lovely but tagged him the ‘slow signer’ because he invested that extra time with each fan.

David did two panels in Melbourne which were both packed out. Fans were very impressed with the first, so many came back on Sunday. David apologised in advance that he may end up repeating himself a lot, however, this was not the case.4628624949_379x351

He answered quite a few questions from the audience including two from a very articulate young boy, in which he commented that he wished he had the same confidence at that age.

Some questions he had surely been quizzed about many many times before, but answered enthusiastically, as if it was the first time.

He was very relaxed, making quite a few jokes and was very open and honest in his answers.

Chatting with David, he is incredibly proud and excited about his new comedy movie ‘Buddymoon’ in which he helped fund, co-wrote and produced with his good buddies Flula Borg and Alex Simmons. And proud he should be, this film is already racking up awards and is being hailed as hilariously brilliant. (btw, it opens in theatres on July 1st, or you can pre order it now on itunes)

David is also excited for the opportunity to be directing his first Grimm episode in the upcoming season. After putting in the extra hours to help master the craft and having shadowed the brilliant Norberto Barba, we can expect great things from him.

Its no secret that David and the adorable Bitsie Tulloch are a couple. David mentioned that Bitsie is quite passionate about helping animals and they want to adopt an elderly pug.

His love for his fellow castmates shines through whenever he mentions them.

The Season 5 finale is David’s favourite episode. He is loving Nicks current hair and popped collar look.

So, if you are lucky enough to ever have the opportunity to encounter David Giuntoli, you will be truly rewarded with an unforgettable experience, because he is… “a genuinely nice guy”.

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your fantastic report and pictures with us.