Rose City Comic Con – 21st September 2013 by Callista

Yesterday at Rose City Comic Con, I went to David’s panel. There are a few minor spoilers about season 3, but nothing new if you’ve already been reading the season 3 thread. Here’s what I remember about what he was asked:

The wesen he would least like to run into in a dark alley is the schneetmacher. They’ve never had one on but when they refer to it it’s in the context of: Yikes! This wesen is awful! But at least it’s not a schneetmacher!!

If he had to be killed by a wesen he would take the spider lady because Amy Acker was gorgeous and if he’s got to go, then at least he’d have that.

When asked who he liked to murder the most, he said it was the first guy he decapitated (I think…I didn’t write this stuff down).

When asked which sci-fi/fantasy show he would most like Grimm to do a crossover with, he said: Elf

When asked which kind of wesen he’d be cast as (not which kind he’d want to be), he said he thinks one of the snake guys because of the shape of his face. He’s noticed the casting people seem to cast guest actors based partially on face shape. Maybe so that they don’t have to morph too far. He also sort of sees wesen all over the place now because he naturally looks at people’s faces and jaw-lines and unconsciously does the same thing.

He liked filming the first couple of episodes this season because zombies don’t talk much so he didn’t have to learn very many lines.

He felt sorry for Bitsie last year because she had to act opposite a perfectly normal floor. She’s happy now, though, because she gets to do the fun stuff with the rest of them (except Wu) now that Juliette knows everything.

He auditioned for Man of Steel. He made it past the first round because they basically wanted everyone with blue eyes and a cleft chin. He was out after the second round because then they wanted a “man-sized Man of Steel” and he’s only 5’10″….occasionally. He said he used to say he was 5’10” and a half but that sounds kind of lame now that he’s in his thirties.

He gets letters about the elephant “son” he adopted that include cute pictures of it peeking out from behind trees and stuff like that. David can’t pronounce the elephant’s name, though. He’s really big on animal rights. (I think we already knew that!)

He likes riding his bike to work and to bars. He’s not an avid cyclist or anything (and trust me there are really, really avid cyclists in Portland), he’s just happy when he’s on his bike.

He says Reggie does lots of research on stuff. They were driving around the other day and Reggie said: “Hey! That’s the seminary that…..”

David: “What?”

Reggie: “It’s embarrassing.”

David: “No, what?”

Reggie: “Well, I have a line I have to say later about a seminary student, so I Googled local seminaries and we just drove by the one I decided the guy goes to….”

When asked about his favorite wesen he said: “Why that would be the blutbad, of course.”

Two girls asked him together about the duality of his character between Police-Nick and Nick who goes around dumping bodies in the river. After saying that they’d sort of deal with that right away this season (because of zombie Nick doing something really bad) the mediator guy commented it was nice that they’d asked the duality question together. David said it’s because they know he’s kind of simple-minded so it would help him understand the question to have two people asking it. Then he said he has a little feed in his ear so that someone on the other end could tell him what the big words meant. Then later, when someone used an obscure word, he stuck his finger in his ear and pretended he was listening to the feed before answering the question. (He was very cute and funny the whole time.)

A couple of girls asked for hugs, which he gave them, and then the mediator said no more hugs, so the next girl asked for a hand-shake, which he gave her. Another guy asked to show David a magic trick so he came up on stage. It was a pretty good card trick.

Another guy asked a long, rambling question about the spirituality of they show. He seemed pretty nervous so it was hard to understand the point of the question, but David said he thinks the Grimm is really seeing the darkness or potential of darkness in the wesen and where his ancestors would have just killed them all, Nick understands that everyone has those kinds of things inside of them so the wesen aren’t all that different from the humans.

Someone asked if Nick would ever have to face off against regular human “bad-guys” and he says the writers have talked about that but it probably wouldn’t happen for a couple more years.

The rest of the stuff was mostly Portland-centric. He has been approached about being on Portlandia and he really wants to but it’s hard to find time in both shows’ filming schedules when he could do it. (I would love it if he could be on that show!! It’s hilarious!!)

Thank you, Callista, for allowing us to share your report.