David Guintoli Connects with Fans At Rose City Comic Con

By Betsie from @PDXGrimmlandia

Portland Oregon, September 21, 2013:


David talks to fans at Rose City Comic Con

After finishing filming an episode of Grimm at 5 AM, David Giuntoli was at Rose City Comic Con at 10AM to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. He never once appeared to be tired and always was smiling. I attended his panel that afternoon.

My first impression was that David is funny while his character Nick is serious. This is story that David told when asked if he ever had eaten at Voodoo Donuts: He explained that when he was a kid, he was at a birthday party and ate four chocolates donuts. When his friends teased him about eating the fifth chocolate donut, he said that he was making a joke. Then David snuck to a closet downstairs and ate the donut! The audience laughed at many of his stories.

David has a degree in Finance from Indiana University. He said that this degree helped him when he came into money when cast on Grimm. He didn’t go out and buy three cars. He still drives his Mazda 3 and rides his bike around Portland. He said that his happiest day was when he got the call that the Grimm Pilot had been picked up. He said he had to pull over because he was driving.

David was up to star as Superman in “The Man of Steel”. He kidded that he thought that all actors with cleft chins and blue eyes were called. But he did get called back. He joked he thought that Henry Cavill was cast because they wanted a “man- sized Superman”. Cavill is 6’2’’while David is 5’10’’.

David gave a shout out to the other actors on Grimm. He joked that Bitsie Tulloch literally had to “act to floor” in last season. He said that Silas Weir is philosophical. He felt that Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu “does amazing research for each episode.” He told a story that one day Reggie was driving him past a seminary. Reggie said that he had done back story on one of the scenes they were shooting and he thought that that would have been the seminary that the character would have come from.

When asked for clues to next season David kidded, “I like your question. But I REALLY like my job.” He did not give any clues. One of the fans referred to Grimm as the story of a “man and his dog.” (In reference to Nick and Monroe respectively.) 

David’s favorite filming time was when he was a zombie because he did not have to learn any lines. He is not a zombie all next season and said that some of the storylines come from South America. David joked that this may be because they have a big fan base there.

My question for David was, “What was the favorite prank that you played on your old roommate Flula?” David explained to the audience that Flula Borg is an amazing DJ from Germany who is very funny and has a “huge following” on YouTube.

His answer was that when he fed Flula chunky peanut butter, and Flula thought it had rocks in it. Here’s the video ( David told his fans to check out Flula’s videos 

I asked David if he was allergic to cats, because of one of Flula’s videos, and the answer is “Yes.” 

David continues to sign autographs and take photos with fans today (Sunday, September 22, 2013) at the Oregon Convention Center.

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